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An exceptional experience and a home that grows richer with time.

Hire Expertise

The biggest decision you will make for your remodel is who your contractor will be.

At Park & Patina, we are focused on client experience, elevated design, quality materials, and expert craftsmanship.  You can be confident that your home will be an incredible investment.

From concept to completion, we are ready for your kitchen, bathroom, full home renovation or home addition.  



ballpark estimate & project scope

Establish scope of work with photos or an on-site visit.  After getting to know each other and your goals, we will review a ballpark estimate and design retainer.  You can expect the design retainer to be 5% of the high of the ballpark estimate.

design & development

We begin your design concepts and selections.  By the end, we will have your floor plan, 3D elevations and all details for your project.  Our process includes revisions, meeting up to 2 - 3 times for revisions prior to the approval for 3D rendering.

Final proposal & contract

With all your details set, we provide a lump sum proposal for your remodel.  Our proposals have exact pricing of selections and labor rather than allowances.

material and construction

We start your project after long lead time materials like cabinetry, tile, flooring, and fixtures have been received.  Permits included, if necessary.







Upon completion of your project we may stage and take photos.  We are always excited to do a final walk through and see you enjoy your home!

From our initial meeting with Kimberly and Sean to the completion of the project my wife and I have been extremely pleased with the entire process.

- T. Bruno

Our new kitchen is fantastic... aesthetically it is lovely, practically it meets and exceeds all of our needs.

- M.J.

Kimberly helped me design my new kitchen.  She helped me think through so many decisions that needed to be made.

- C. Schuessler

What you get in design

During the planning and elevation revisions, we will also work on selections.  We curate materials for you and bring it all into a project board. 

Once we enter design & development, we will measure and scan your space to be remodeled for our design program.  With this info, we can begin to work on your proposed floor plan and simple elevation line drawing concepts.  This process includes 2 - 3 revision meetings, if needed. 

Conceptual Drawings

Digital Selections Board

Finalized Floor Plan & Elevations

We will meet for a final review of the floor plan and elevation details.  With your final approval, we begin working on the 3D renderings, which will be reviewed prior to signing your proposal.

3D Renderings & Full Plan Set

All the planning and details come through in a beautifully done 3D rendering and set of plans for your project.  

What Makes Us Different

- No allowances for materials, no
   guessing games

- Both design team and licensed   
  contractor working together as one, 
  saves you money and gives efficiency

- We do not demo until we have the
   materials.  This keeps your project
   progressing once we begin.

- We wholeheartedly believe that
   honesty is the best policy

- Our approach to design and
   construction is to elevate your home
   and the way you live, which will both
   grow richer with time

seriously, this is pretty special


How long does the design process take?

Your specific project will depend on the scope and size of your project and how long it takes to finalize your selections.

smaller projects or single rooms 4 - 8 WEEKS 

Full home renovation 8 - 12 weeks

Additions 3 - 6 months

Bathroom 6 - 12 weeks

Kitchen 6 - 14 weeks

Full home renovation 3 - 6 months

Addition 6 - 10 months

Every project is unique and customized but we can give you an idea of how long your project will be under construction.  



Download Our Remodel Guide

We're here to make remodeling easier for you.  
Here's a guide that has our best tips.  Plus some tips from our clients that they did along the way!


You can have both your dream remodel and your life.  At Park & Patina, we have developed a process that brings an ease to remodeling for our clients.  Our communication and design forward planning will help you enjoy remodeling. 

We will splash in a little hand holding and a random charcuterie board along the way. 

Remodel with a team that wants to see you love your home

"It was all worth it",
our client's child said
as they walked through their newly remodeled home. 

The decision to remodel your home doesn't come easy.  We've been doing this long enough to refine the process and bring an ease and confidence to our clients.  You are in the right hands here with a team that wants you to relax, enjoy your remodel, and love the outcome!


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Take on a remodel with a team you have confidence in.

Some of our favorite projects have been full home renovations and additions.  It is the biggest transformation and allows us to bring a cohesive aesthetic to the entire home at one time while maintaining the quality throughout.