At Park & Patina, our design forward approach to remodel and construction brings the details to the forefront of the project.  Being both a design and construction firm, all aspects of the planning and construction are completed by our team.

Our design process assures we include materials in our proposal in place of allowances, giving homeowners a confident commitment in their full project investment prior to signing a contract.

Create LASTING experiences through memorable homes INFUSED with modern LUXURY.

and enjoy the process of getting there

Hello there.
We are Park & Patina.

Licensed residential contractor, founder,
BBQ chef extraordinaire, aspiring mountain climber

Growing up, my dad's idea of a thrilling Saturday was debating the merits of different wood grains.  While other kids were playing video games, I was perfecting the art of sanding in our family woodshop.  

Who knew that I would go on to have extensive electrical experience and work in construction from the ground up.   I get the opportunity every day to work on projects that redefine the remodel experience for homeowners.

the favorite part of our job? the look on your face when you walk in your front door.

Sean Canada

I found joy in rearranging furniture, leaving my parents dumbfounded that their pint-sized prodigy could perform such design wizardry.
Fast forward to adulthood, and I've turned that childhood feat into a career passion.  Now, I'm not just moving furniture; I'm orchestrating symphonies of construction, style and functionality.  Helping homeowners transform their spaces into havens they adore is my daily triumph.  Asuring that homes are not just eye-catching but also delightfully livable.  It turns out my early antics weren't just a phase; they were the overture to a lifetime of making spaces sing with both flair and comfort.

Kimberly Canada

Principal designer, co-owner, fresh bread connoisseur, gardener, realtor  

Remodeling a house can be very stressful and difficult, but working with Sean and Kimberly made our remodel very easy.

- Vahe G., Deland


sean can play the guitar by ear
taco tuesday is a yes
pour over coffee every morning
always buying plants
plane over long road trip
KIMBERLY IS secretly great at watercolor

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